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Mystic Michigan with Mark Jager

Project Great Lakes

Project Great Lakes: Two Interviews

Disclosed...Lake Superior Underwater Anomaly

Protruding from the great watery depths of Michigan’s Lake Superior is an island considered sacred for thousands of years.  Isle Royale, or “Minong” as the Native Americans referred to it, was held in this regard due to both its spiritual significance and unimaginable mineral resources.  The mineral wealth referred to are extremely large copper deposits that are incredibly  pure!  Thousands of ancient mines dot the landscape of Isle Royale and the neighboring Keweenaw Peninsula.  Estimates regarding the amounts of copper mined in ancient times is upwards of a half billion pounds!  Lake core samples and carbon dating have placed the ancient mining operations back in time up to 6500 years ago.

It was during research into these ancient mines on Isle Royale that lead to the discovery of an enormous underwater anomaly.  Using Google Earth to obtain an aerial view of the island’s ancient McCargo Cove, something truly out of place was observed beneath the water.  Not only was the structure enormous, but it surely did not fit in with surrounding geological features.

New! – Off Planet Media Interview about the Lake Superior Anomaly. Click the link for watch the video to the right.

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Stargate St. Louis

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Ancient Sacred Sites and Modern Mystical Cities. Cahokia Mounds and St. Louis ( City of the Sun – Gateway to the Stars)

Michigan Relics

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Re-discover thousands of ancient relics found buried in mounds in the state of Michigan. Watch the video on the right.

Scaling the Rainbow Bridge

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The rainbow and the symbolism it incorporates has been viewed with a sense of awe, wonder, and inspiration. The shimmering and glistening colors that emanate from the perceived “path of the gods” have been illuminating and inspiring ancient cultures, mythologies, poets and artists for thousands of years.

Urban Stargates Part 1: Upload by GridKeeper

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There are tens of thousands of stargate portals all over the world. Many were built by the ancients and are better known as pyramids, stone circles, obelisks and have many other names and varience in design. This also includes cathedrals.

Urban Stargates Part 2, Stargate Detroit: Upload by GridKeeper

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