Chad Stuemke Audio Interviews

The Higerside Chats: Esoteric Architecture, Stargate Detroit, & The Great Lakes Triangle

Freeman TV: Portals, Asteroids & UFOs

Freeman TV: Breaking the Time Space Continuum

Off Planet Media:
Hidden Archeology-The Lake Superior Anomaly

Project Archivist Radio Show:
Giants and Copper

“In this episode, Chad talks with us Via phone from Northern Michigan about The Michigan Relics, The strange enigma of northern Michigan’s ancient copper mines, Native American folklore, Recently discovered giant bones in Michigans ancient burial mounds, Mystical places and the strange alien creatures from the 2012 Olympics.”

Achieve Radio with Hillary Raimo: Ancient Sacred Landscapes

Chad recently appeared on the Hillary Raimo show speaking about symbolism, U.F.O€™s, stargates, symbolism, spirituality, and humanities greater potentials. Listen to the great interview below.

Cosmic Gnostic Radio: Stargate Symbolism

This episode we have Chad Stuemke on the show sharing with us some of his research into some of the incredible monuments and sacred landscapes he’s discovered in Detroit. We get into some of the objects found in the Hart plaza of the city of detroit and discuss it’s stargate and other symbolic/Egyptian/Masonic perspectives about the area as well as it’s connection with the Gaza Plateau and Orion/Osirus. We also get into how these architects/artists have connection to the face on mars and how this all ties into our everyday reality. We talk about some UFO experiences too which tops off the show giving us one power packed and informative show you do not want to miss.

Conscious Living on Empower Radio

Chad Stuemke recently did a radio interview with Wendy Garrett, for her show Conscious Living on Empower Radio. You can visit the show page on Wendy’s site here: Conscious Living on Empower Radio.

Here’s the description of the show from Wendy’s site:

“Gateways, Portals, Wormholes — Hidden in plain view? Author, researcher, and seeker Chad Stuemke hopes through his lectures and walking tours people will begin recognizing and utilizing the sacred symbolism that has been hidden in plain sight within our sacred and ancient sites as well as our modern urban centers. Explore the possibilities and investigate the coded information deftly integrated into the underpinnings of our modern art centerpieces.”

Thirteen Skulls Podcast: Stargate Detroit

Chad was selected to be the first full-length interview on Thirteen Skulls Podcast. Chad talks about the esoteric history of Detroit and Hart Plaza as well as sacred sites across Michigan and the Michigan Relics.

Listen to Interview

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Revelations Radio with William Henry: On The Stargate Trail

Chad and William discuss the esoteric symbolism that has emerged within Detroit’s urban design, art, and architecture. They take a journey from Detroit’s Hart Plaza to the cities “Point of Origin” Campus Mars uncovering lost history and hidden symbolism along the way.

Revelations Radio with William Henry: Stargates Hidden in Plain Sight

Could there be a LITERAL stargate hidden in the heart of downtown Detroit? That’s what some people are saying! William asks, “if these are operational stargates, how come nobody has gone through them yet?” Or have they?

Revelations Radio with William Henry: Ohio's Serpent Culture

Serpent Mound and cosmic park in the heart of America. Chad takes listeners on a journey through the esoteric symbolism of the Ohio Valley’s ancient serpent culture.

Revelations Radio with William Henry: Google Ingress