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New Book: Stargate Detroit

Detroit has always been a city of transformation and its nicknames have reflected this scenario – Paris of the West, The Motor City, Mo-Town, Murder City, Rock City, The Renaissance City, The ‘D’, The 3-1-3 and Stargate Detroit.

In 2001 Detroit celebrated its 300th birthday or Tricentennial. The city received several amazing gifts aimed at continuing the renaissance and sprucing up the river front. Many of the gifts contained ‘gateway’ or ‘Stargate’ symbolism – including the amazing ‘Transcending’ gateway sculpture.

In a gorgeous book filled with illustrations, diagrams and original art, noted author, researcher and seeker Chad Stuemke unveils the sacred history, esoteric urban plan and symbolic public art that has been ‘hidden in plain site’ in the heart of Detroit, Michigan.

  • 181 Pages
  • Forward by William Henry
  • Hundreds of Illustrations, Diagrams and Pictures
  • Hard Coil Bound
  • Released April, 2011
  • Zoboz Pulishing

$19.95+4.95 S&H

Book: Mystic Michigan –  Michigan’s Stargates, Temples and Sacred Mounds of Transformation

Unknown to most Michigan is home to Stargates, Temples, and Sacred Mounds of transformation! For the first time a Stargate in Detroit will be revealed, while ancient-portals will be re-discovered. “Throw up your hands and strap on your moon boots, the cosmic roller coaster is about to depart!”

  • Coil Bound
  • 160 pages
  • Photo Gallery
  • ZOBOZ Publishing

$19.95 +shipping and handling

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Book: The Culmination . . .  A Catalyst for Change

Climactic scenarios are taking place world wide, yet there is an astonishing transformation of consciousness also taking place relative to these events.  As more and more people awaken on a mass scale with regards to unprecedented climactic events, humanity as a whole will have the opportunity to cross a threshold and step into a new awareness and lust for life.  This book is a journey and quest into our own higher potentials, and the roles we can all play in a collective change.

  • Coil Bound
  • 191 pages
  • Special Color Insert
  • ZOBOZ Publishing

$19.95 +shipping and handling

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