Chad Stuemke’s DVD Lectures:
Transcending the Gateways to Freedom – Urban Portals and Gateways in our Cities

Chad Stuemke’s 90 minute, full-color slideshow lecture about Stargate Symbolism hidden in plain site within art and architecture in Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis.

Join author and researcher Chad Stuemke on a quest that ‘Transcends’ time and space. Discover gateway and stargate symbolism hidden within cultural monuments, statues and art installations across the midwest. These monuments are tools that can be used for working on our light bodies, sparking our imaginations, raising our consciousness and lighting our hearts!

Find out about:

  • Detroit – ‘Transcend’ the gateways to freedom at Hart Plaza.
  • Chicago – Coil you way along the ‘Serpent Bridge’ into Millennium Park’s Cloud gate Portal.
  • St. Louis – Scale the rainbow bridge (The Gateway Arch) before descending the “rabbit holes” at Citygarden Park.

$20.00 + $4.95 shipping and handling

Sample Video Clips from ‘Transcending The Gateways to Freedom’

Stargate Detroit

Stargate Chicago

Gateway St. Louis & The Rainbow Bridge

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